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A Cognitive Stimulation Tool with a Scientific Basis

Sincrolab is a platform for cognitive training aimed at the recovery and development of cognitive abilities, which adapts to the cognitive profile of all users and generates personalized plans. Integrates knowledge of neuroscience, neuropsychology and education through scientific procedures, innovative tools and pioneering technologies, which support professionals in health and education sector. Preliminary results of a pilot study conducted with a sample of healthy children are presented.


Two study groups were proposed with 40 healthy children who were between 7 and 11 years old, one experimental group and another control group. The experimental group carried out a moderate cognitive training plan for one month (3 days / week). Two measures (PRE-POST) related to cognitive performance were collected through standardized neuropsychological tests aimed mainly at the evaluation of attentional processes, operational memory and executive functions. Statistical (t-test) was applied between the groups (4 comparisons, see Figure 1). For each comparison (between each pair of Groups) a non-parametric test (Kruskal Wallis) was carried out and subsequently a test of permutations between the two groups (5000 permutations)

Cognitive training: It was delivery through the Sincrolab exercises, which allows personalized cognitive stimulation adapted to the results of the neuropsychological examination. The selected exercises and procedures were specially directed to the stimulation of attentional processes, executive functions and operative memory (see Figure 2): ANCESTRAL MELODIES (task based on the 'N-back' paradigm destined to stimulate the operative memory), ATRÁPALOS (designed to stimulate inhibitory control, based on the paradigms 'Go-No go' and 'Stop Signal Task'), CARTALEON (task based on the paradigm of 'change of set atencional' which aims to stimulate cognitive flexibility).

Neuropsychological tests: Direct digits, Inverse digits, Direct sequences, Inverse sequences, Keys, Symbol search, 5 digit test, WCST, BTA.

Fig 1. (Graphic control-pre and control post)

Cognitive processes trained:

Fig 2. (Cognitive processes, graphic brains)


The children who trained with Sincrolab experienced (unlike the control group) a significant increase in performance in tests related to processing speed (p = 0.003 / Keys and BS) and a significant decrease in the times in tests related to the control capacity inhibitory (p = 0.006 / T5D). Other indices and outcomes also experienced favorable changes but were not significant (for example in indices related to flexibility, attentional alternance and sustained attention). In the neuropsychological study 1 (PRE) there were no differences between both groups in any cognitive measure.

Fig 3. (CTRL and Experimental Graph) (Before- after inhibitory control and Processing speed).


These results, which are still preliminary, indicate that the use of Sincrolab can be very useful in stimulating the development of cognitive processes. Taking into account, in addition, that our main objective is the recovery of the neuropsychological deficit and the optimization of deficit cognitive development, we foresee favorable results with pathological samples. Currently, data are being collected with children diagnosed with ADHD, and throughout the current year we will be able to make them public. We are particularly interested in developing a tool that is powerful and that helps neuropsychologists, teachers and counselors to manage and generate individualized cognitive training plans complementary to other psychological, neuropsychological, academic and / or medical procedures.

With the Sincrolab's cognitive training you can

  • Design personalized programs

    Design personalized programs in executive functions and care tailored to the child's cognitive profile.

  • Top customization

    Sincrolab adapts to patients thanks to our artificial intelligence engine.

  • Sincrolab "learns"

    the performance of each patient and modifies the level of difficulty according to the daily performance of the child.

  • Monitor easily and intuitively

    The evolution of patients accessing complete statistics.

  • Precise Control

    You will have a precise control of the course and evolution of your intervention.

  • More intensity and effectiveness

    With Sincrolab you can increase the time of stimulation of the basic cognitive processes of your patients with 15 minutes daily during 3-4 weekly sessions.


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